Thursday, December 9, 2010

Deals on Games

Went to Toys R Us last night and was able to get U-Build Battleship, U-Build Monoply, amd Bop It Bounce for $16.75 using coupons found on the Hasbro site. Print three of coupon 1 (will need two computers to do this). The U-Build Battleship says it is on sale for $14.99, but it rings up $7.98. You can also submit for a rebate on the above games and more. Just remember you can only submit the rebate once per household, but you can do it for each game listed. You just have to send the rebate in all at one time if you have multiple different games you want to submit for the rebate. Follow this link: Hasbro rebate form to print a rebate form for all of the participating games. I can submit the rebate for $3 off one of the U-Build games and the $3 off Bop It Bounce and get $6 back! So all 3 games for only $10.75!! These games are normally $20 each!!
You can also print coupon #2 to get a travel Pictureka! game for free at Walmart. They are sale this week for $5 normally $5.24.
You can use this coupon to get the Hungry Hippo travel game for free at Target or $.24 at Walmart. When you click on the above link it will come up with a page to print, just click the print button. Make sure your printer is ready to print before you click this! Walmart also had some tear pads with some of these coupons on them- just look around!
I belive there were tear pads at Walmart for $2 off the Cuponk. This game is on sale for $10 at Target this week and you get a package of balls for free when you buy the Cuponk game. (There is a sign listing what it is that is free and they were both setting beside each other) You can also turn this game in for a $3 rebate to get the bame and the extra balls for $5 after coupon and rebate if you can find the coupon somewhere!
Hope you all get some good deals on games!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Walmart/Target Deals & Amazon Deal

Go to Kraft Foods to get $1/2 Oscar Mayer bacon, $1/2 Cool Whip, $1/2 Nabisco Crackers, $1/2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese, $1 off Maxwell House coffee, $1/2 Baker's Chocolate, $1/2 Kraft or Cracker Barrel Cheese. I believe there are alot of coupons still available on that can be stacked with these coupons! Last week I was able to use the aboce Cool Whip coupon and a Target Store coupon to get 2 Cool Whips for FREE!! Cream Cheese is $1.19 this week at Target (I know there is a cream cheese coupon available on think it is if you buy some kind of crackers you get $1 off cream cheese!) You can stack these coupons!!

Today on the Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set is on sale for $10 down from $21.99!! Get free shipping when you sign up for AmazonMom or spend over $25! You can try AmazonMom free for 1 month and if you buy $25 worth of qualifying baby items in one transaction you can get another month of AmazonMom for free up to a year! With AmazonMom you get 30% off diapers. In my Parenting magazine there has been coupons for 20% off diapers at and I am able to use this when purchasing my $25 worth of baby items to get some pretty cheap diapers! You can cancel at anytime also. So if you don't spend $25 in a month to get the next month free, just call and cancel before the next month begins. It is very easy to cancel if you need to. If you don't get $25 worth of baby purchases then you will be charged $79 for a year of AmazonMom.

Weekend Shopping! & current coupon deals

Saturday we had a great shopping day! I inited my two sisters to come with me to the mall and gave each of them Hallmark coupons for $5 off $5 purchase and I kept my $10 off $10 purchase. Vanessa and I both bought one of those wall hangings that have the sayings on them. It said Welcome Delighted you are here and then it had 4 coat hooks under it! They were originally $30, but were 50% off! After the 50% off it was $15 and then I used my $10 coupon to get it for $5!! Vanessa was able to get hers for $10. Then Stacia found a really neat billfold at 50% off too! Can't remember how much she paid, but it was less than $10. It was originally around $30. "Like" Hallmark on Facebook and watch for new coupons they might release! Two weeks ago it was the $10 off $10 purchase and last week it was the $5 off $5 purchase. Maybe there will be another coupon this week??!!

I also received an email from Rayvoc Batteries saying there were 34ct batteries still available for $5 at the Home Depot. Believe these were Black Friday batteries/price. Like them on Facebook and you can print out a $1 off coupon. I was able to get 2 packages of 34 count batteries for $8.60 after using 2 $1 off coupons! Above the price at Home Depot it said they were originally $20 a package!! I went to the Home Depot in Urbandale and found them on a display right by the checkouts.

I also made a stop into Target and picked up a few things! I was really excited with my total!
I bought:
Downey Liquid Fabric Softner- clearance for $3.38 - $2.50 coupon
4 Gold Peak Ice Tea- $1.02 each used 2 b1g1 free mgf coupon & 3 $.50 off 1 Target store coupon from a peelie awhile back
2 Rimmell mascaras- $2.24 - $2 Facebook coupon
2 Halls cough drops- $1.22 - can't remember amount of coupons but one coupon was from a previous Sunday newspaper and I believe I probably had Target coupons from
2 pkgs Nabisco saltine crakers- $1.99 each - $1 Target store coupon - 2 $1 mgf coupons
2 pkgs Oreo cookies- $2.50 each - 2 $1 mgf coupons from a peelie I found awhile back - $1/2 Target coupon
My total came to $5.11 with tax!!

Check out and to look for some of these coupons. You should be able to do some of these deals and keep an eye out for peelies!

Walgreens deals:
If you got the paper on Sunday, there was a coupon for $2/3 Mars Holiday Products
Walgreen currnetly has Snickers Nutcrackers on sale for 3/$1 buy 6 and use coupon to get 6 free!!
There was also a coupon for b2g1 free Hershey's Kisses, Reeses, Yorks, Rolos
buy 3 Hershey's Kisses bags use b2g1 free coupon plus use $.50 off coupon from Walgreens December coupon book your total cost will be: $3.50 for 2 bages of kisses!
There is also a coupon on for b1g1 free Butterfinger Snackerz use this to be able to get them for $.27 (I believe)

Walmart deals with coupons
Similac $3 off coupon to get the liquid bottles of Similac for $.84!
Hefty Zoo Pals Plates, Cups, or Bowls $1 off = cheap!! possibly under a dollar at Walmart
Welches 6 pk juice $1 off- some 6pks are priced at $2.92 at Walmart making it only $1.92 each
Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice $2/2- $2.98 at Walmart making it $3.96 for 2

Also at Walmart buy the Hungry Hungry Hippo travel game for $5.24 and use $5 off coupon to get the game for only $.24!! (click link and it will pop up with page- just click "print") you can also do this deal at Target to get the game for free!!

Go to this link: Excedrin to request 2 coupons for free Excedrin! The coupons we be mailed to you through snail mail.

Well, I think this is all for now! Will try to keep posting more deals as I see/find them!!


Friday, November 19, 2010

thredUP- clothing exchange

Hip2Save currently has a blog about a new site called thredUP. It looks like a really neat site. You can buy 2 boxes of clothes in exchange for you listing 2 boxes of clothes. You pay $5 a box plus shipping. If you have older kids clothes they are buying boxes right now to try and get their site going. They will buy a box from you for the older kids clothing for $2-$4. You can use this to apply towards the purchase of one of your boxes.
It costs $5 for a box of at least 10 clothing items plus shipping which is usually about $10. So for about $15 you get at least 10 items of clothing. Comes to only $1.50 an item.
The basic membership is free, but you can go pro for $29.99 a year. With pro you have the first choice in boxes that are listed and you can even get boxes with brand new items in it.
Go over to Hip2Save to learn more about this company. She is also having a giveaway for 4 people to win pro memberships. She also has a couple of codes you can use to get discounts.
I know I don't quite have all the details on this be sure to check it out yourselves and go to the Hip2Save link above to enter in her giveaway and get more information about this site. I definitely think I will be checking into this site.
Hope some of you can find some good clothes and in exchange get rid of some of your clothes!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hy-Vee & Fareway coupon matchups

There are some good deals at Hy-Vee and Farway this week with some coupon matchups and coupon stacks!


Progresso soup 10/$10 go here for $1/4 = $.75 each

Totinos Pary Pizzas $.77 go here or here for $1/5 = $2.85/5 or $.57 each

Dole Salad Classic Romanie $.99-I saw $1 off coupons attached to these at Hy-Vee and they will price match Fareway's ad = FREE

T. Marzeti Caramel Dip 2/$4 (at Fareway) use Fareways mgf coupon for $2 off apples when you buy 2 caramel dips stack with Hy-Vee's store coupon for $2 off apples when you buy 2 caramel dips apples are $.68lb at Fareway = 2 caramel dips and 6lbs of apples for about $4
There is also a coupon for $.75 off of the caramel dip in the ALL YOU magazine Oct. issue (you can get at Wal-Mart, they have tons & tons of coupons in it!) or if you have the 9/19/10 Smart Source coupon from your paper there is a $1 off coupon for the caramel.
You should be abe to buy 2 dips and 6lbs of apples and use a coupon on each of the dips and the store and mgf coupon for $4 off of the apples. For 2 dips and 6lbs of apples for as low as $2!! You can use these coupons because the dip coupons will connect to the dip and the apple coupons connect to the apples and is only or $2 off apples not the dip.

Target Deal with Fareway mgf coupon: This deal maybe cheaper or the same at Fareway since cheese is 2/$4 this week.
Kraft cheese use in ad mgf coupon for buy 2 Kraft items get free Ritz crackers also use coupon from here for $1/2 Kraft products = 2 Kraft cheese & 1 Ritz crackers for ?? depends on the cost of cheese, but will probably be a good deal

Hy-Vee deals 10/10/10 only:

Hamburger helper 10/$10 there are always coupons for this everywhere try here and here will end up being $.75 each after coupons

7up Products 6 pk bottles 10/$10 no coupons that I know of, but a great deal

Hope this helps some of you get some really cheap items this week.


Monday, September 20, 2010


I am a member of Vocalpoint- you take short surveys about different products and your answers help influence their decisions on these products. Go here to learn more about Vocalpoint and what they do. They also send out products for you to test. A recent product that has been sent out is a sample of the new Venus Breeze Razors. You receive exclusive offers, samples, and coupons.

Today in the mail I just received a sample of the new April Fresh Ultra Downy Fabric Softner. I also received a coupon for $2.50 off my purchase of April Fresh Ultra Downy Fabric Softner and 3 $1.50 off coupons to share with friends!

I have recently just joined Vocalpoint so I am excited to see what samples I will receive in the future.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cheap Powerade at Target!

The other day at Target I found Powerade on Price Cut for $.79 and in front of the display were coupons for $3 off when you buy 10. Making it $4.90 for 10 Powerades, but (I believe it is still there) has a coupon for buy 3 get 1 free! Print off 2 of these coupons and give them the mgf coupon first then the 2 Target coupons and you get 10 Powerades for $3.32!! This makes for some really cheap Powerade! These were also the really big bottles of Powerade!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Giveawa y at Couponing for 4

Check out this giveaway for a $25 gift certifcate to Aldi's from Couponinfor4. Aldis is a great place to shop for some really cheap food. Hurry over because this giveaway end today! You can't use coupons at Aldis, but you can always find some great deals and remember to take a quarter with you to get your cart!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Check out this giveaway on Raising Olives blog

Check out ths giveaway on Raising Olives blog! She is currently having a giveaway for a Moby wrap. I would love to get on of these, but just have not had the oppurtunity to get myself one. It looks like it would allow you to hold your baby very easily and support their head as well. This would make my shopping trips alot easier instead of having to use those cart that carry two kids in seats in the front with Benjamin & Josiah, Kellie in the cart with the groceries and eventually moved to Benjamin's seat and Clarisse in the seat in her carrier. I will definitely have to get a picture of this sometime. I probably look like a zoo!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lots of sales at Sams Club!

We headed to the Offut Air Force Base in Omaha this past weekend while I was at my parents' house for their air show. It was very good. We plan on going back next year. Really wished my husband, Adam, could have been their to see it.
While we were in Omaha we stopped by Sam's Club for lunch, you can eat very cheap there. Mom had been there a few days before and had found lots of spice on sale really cheap so we decided to head over there and see if there were anymore on sale. Did you know that if the price ends in a 1 at Sam's Club it means that item is on sale or is being clearanced out?? I didn't know this until my Mom told me. We found Chili powder and Garlic Salt for about $1.91 and found some really good seasoning mix- don't remember the name right now, but it was about $3. This is great prices since all of their items are bulk items and are huge. We also headed over to the clothing and found lots of great sales. Disney outfits were on sale for $2.81!! That is better than consingment shop price especially for a brand new outfit. We also found two little girl Speedo swimsuits for $2.81 in a size 4 and 5 so we grabbed both to put in Kellie's grow into bucket. Also got a few extra for gifts! Altogether we got 10 outfits, 2 swimsuits, a seasoning, a box of 32 mixed cookies/crackers for Adam's lunches and only spent $50. The individually packaged cookies/crackers were on sale too. So be on the look out for some good deals at Sams Club!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Preschool!! Letter A, #0, & cirlces!!

Two little boys woke me up this morning with school books in hand wanting to start school. I had bought two preschool books at Sam's Club for $7 last year as Benjamin is suppose to be startng Preschool this year and I figured Josiah could just join in. I could not remember where I had put these books and was planning on searching for them sometime in the next couple of days, but had never said anything to the boys about starting school sometime. I guess they are just ready and knew it was time to start!
We spent 2 1/2 hours doing the color yellow, the letter A and opposites- big/little. Both boys learned what A says and how to write it. They both are doing a really good job. Josiah is having a harder time with following the directions and writing the letters, but he is at least getting the idea. Josiah is only 3 this year so I don't expect him to be able to keep up with big brother Benjamin. Think it will just take a little more time with Josiah, but think he will catch on soon. I would like t0 do one letter, number, shape for each week. That way they will have a week of practice on them. Now to come up with activities to do with that letter, number, & shape for a week. Maybe one of the days we will cook things that start with the letter A, we could pick up all our toys this week so there are "0" toys on the floor! That would be nice!! Maybe another day we will make circle pancakes. Will have to do some major thinking here on lots of different things we can do. We are also learning about Adam & Eve because Adam starts with A
Please let me know if anyone has a suggestion for a letter, shape, or number of something we can do in the future. Have seen on another blog that they made something that started with that letter and then took it to the house of someone who's name stated with that letter. Example- make something with Apples for Adam. Please help me with ideas!!
Well, I had better be going. Since we did school this morning, it is already 1 and I still need to make lunch! Have a great week!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Free Stuff! & coupon deals & links!!

Yeah!! I got home from being at my parents' house for the weekend and I had stuff in the mail!!

I had a free sample of Covegirl QueenCollection Mineral Bronzer (full size!!)!

I also had my $10 mail in rebate from the swiffer refills I bought awhile ago! I bought 2 of the big swiffer refill packs online at for $14. I could have used these two to send in for a mail in rebate, but ended up losing one of the upcs. So I had a Target coupon for buy a new swiffer get refills free. There was no limit on the coupon for what size of refills to get so I bought another swiffer mop (to use downstairs) and matched the upcs from my medco receipt to find which upc I was missing and then bough that same one at Target and got it free with my coupon. So I only spent $14 for 3 big refills and whatever it cost me to get another mop and got a $10 mail in rebate!!

I also signed up on the Farmland website to get special offers and I received a paper wit 8 coupons!! 2 $1 off, 2 $.75 off and 4 $.55 off the purchase one package of any Farmlad product!! These will be some good coupons with sales!!

I also received an email that my 3 $5 SC Johnson rebates hav met the requirements and I will receive them in 2 weeks!! Wow that was fast- checked mail and they are already here!!

Plus head over to Hip2Save here and she has lots of sites listed that are having giveaways and games on their website to win stuff! Today I won a $3 off Schick Quattro Razor for playing their matching game on facebook. I won a coupon from M&Ms, a coupon for a free drink at Wendy's and 30 Chuck E. Cheese tickets for each of my kids to redeem for a prize at Chuck E. Cheese!
Thanks Hip2Save!

Walgreen Deal on Wipes!!

Walgreen has 64 or 72 ct Huggies wipes on sale with a in store coupon for $1.99 you can go to and print off a coupon for $1.50/2. This would make it $2.48 for 2 packages of wipes after you use both coupons!! That comes out to $1.24 each- makes for some cheap wipes when you go through them as fast as we do!

Also you can get free Rachel Ray brush set when you buy Aussie! Check out WildforWags website for more information! There was a coupon in the paper B1G1 free and this week at Walgreens you can get a $1 RR when you buy Aussie! Makes for cheap Aussie and Free Rachel Ray brushes!!
Thanks WildforWags!

New Coupons!!!
Check out this link for some great coupons! Coupons are for:
$1/2 CapriSun (there use to be a target coupon for $.50 off caprisun here- don't know if it is still available. Print 2 and use 2 Target coupons and 1 mgf for $2/2 CapriSun)
$1/2 Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meat
$1/2 Kraft Singles Cheese- I have seen these on sale for $.99 lately!
$.50 Miracle Whip or Kraft Mayo
Thanks SavingMoneyWisely for the coupon link!

Have fun shopping!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Target Trip 8/10

Here is my Target trip for 8/10. You can go to and get alot of the store coupons that I used.

Pacifiers- $3.49 (needed those, can't find any from the other kids)
2 Dora Bandaids- used coupon from target website- $1.32 each
Neosporin- $3.30 use $3 mgf when you buy 3 products (Bandaids & Neosporin is what I did)- $.30
10ct Papermate Pens- $1 used coupon from target site- $.50 (if you want red coupon would make them FREE!!)
Lysol Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser- clearance $6.04 used $3 mgf coupon from mail- $3.04
Lysol Hand Soap Refill- $3.49- used $3 target coupon when you buy dispenser & soap- $.049
4 9ct Bic Pens-$1 used 2 $1 target coupons & $1/2 mgf in Sunday's paper for FREE pens
2 ProGillette Fusion Razors- $8.99each used 2 $4 mgf from paper- $4.99 each
I love these Razors!! They work really well- don't even need shaving cream. Adam doesn't like them though.
Venus Breeze Refill cartridge- $12.99
Olay Body Wash- $5.49 used coupon from Sunday paper buy Venus razor refill cartridge get Olay Body Wash for FREE!!

My total came to $48.07
I saved $42.82
Received $10 in gift cards for buying any combination of Gillette or Venus Razor products.
I am also combining this receipt with all my Secret deodorant Walgreens purchases for a $10 mail in rebate when you buy $30 worth of Olay, Venus, Covergirl, Secret, or Pantene products. Rebate form found here.
In the last two weeks I have spent a total of: $107.39
Saved a total of: $337.68
Bought a total of: $445.07 worth of products
Have $9 in RR to use at Walgreens
Have $10 in gift cards to Target
Sending in for $10 rebate

Didn't really buy any food these past two weeks, but I did that with my Hy-Vee and Taget trips that I posted about earlier. I only spent $80.47 on that trip and my cupboards and freezer are stocked-I can't buy anything else!! In 3 weeks I spent $187.86 and am stocked on food, diapers, and wipes (and lots of other stuff) for a long time! We use to spend about $100 a week on everything before I started couponing these past 3 weeks come down to $62.62 a week on everything and I am not planning on shopping for awhile since I have no where to put the stuff. I may get a few things here and there if they are really good deals. I plan on freezing all of our garden stuff too and using that for meals so may need to buy a couple more little things to get that done. I plan on freezing everything into already made meals so I won't have to make them later. With what we have stocked right now and in our garden could last us for the next couple of months!! I am excited about taking the next few weeks worth of grocery money that I would have spent and using it to pay off some bills.
Adam managed to wreck our Freestyle as soon as we decided to post it for sale during one of those bad storms we had. Well, he really didn't wreck it, but manage hit a tree with our front bumper and cause almost $3,000 worth of damage! Since he is doing the work himself and can buy a new bumper directly through our local junkyard, we will bepaying off our only credit card. Now on to our loans!! Can't wait to have everyting paid off!!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Walgreens Trip 8/6 & 8/10 & Nesquik Shakers

Well, last Friday, Adam took the two boy with him to his brother's house to help him install some new windows. I was left with the two girls- for the first time! We ended up making a quick trip into Walgreens and I found a great deal- Pull ups and size 7 diapers (the boys don't care if they end up wearing diapers instead of pull ups to bed, we have just told them sorry we ran out of pull ups and this is all we have and the really don't mind) on clearance for less than $3 plus I had coupons!!

This week at Walgreens I was able to get some great deals!

(This picture is minusa Visine, bag of pull ups, and 3 3pks ok headbands)

This is what I got:

5 Secret Deodorants $2.29 on clearance from $8.99= $11.45 + $15 RR
4 Ecotrin Asprin bottles $3.49 each- were B1G1 Free, used 3 $2/1 coupon= $.98
3 U Kotex pads 2/$7, used $2 Aug. coupon book, $1 coupon= $1.50 total!! $.50 each
1 U Kotex tampons (same as above) this printed off a Catalina for a Free 18ct box of Playtex tampons!
3 3pks headbands on clearance= $3.69
2 Right Guard deodorants used B1G1 free coupon= $3 (grabbed solid instead of gel, gel was B1G1 free and with coupon I could have gotten both for free- oh well, next time)
4 Veet hair removal $6.99 used $3 Aug. coupon book & $3 coupon= $.99 each
4 Dial body wash $3.99 used $1 coupon= $3 + $12RR
2 Lysol Toliet Cleaner $2.99 + B1G1 Free used $1 coupon & $.50 coupon= $1.49 total
2 15pk sidewalk chalk $.50 clearance
6 Ziploc Freezer bags 2/$5 used $1 Aug coupon book, $1/2 mgf= $1.50 each or $9 total
8 72ct Huggies wipes used $1 Aug coupon book, various mgf coupons= $1.11 each or $8.92 total
2 6pk Hanes boys socks $4.99 B1G1 Free used 2 $1 off peelies on bags= 2/$2.99
1 Glade 2 sent air diffuser $6.99 used $3 mgf= $3.99 + $2 RR
1 BioTrue Contact Solution $4.99 used $1 mgf= $3.99 + $4 RR
4 bags Pampers Cruisers size 7 (my boys will wear diapers instead of pull ups at night if we are all out and at this price they will just have to do!) $2.69 each!! used various mgf coupons
1 bag Pull ups $2.89 used $1 mgf= $1.89
2 50ct Walgreens bottle inserts (for my sister- she is using this type of bottle) $.89 each= $1.78
2 24 pk Crayons $1= $2 + $2 RR
1 Alive Multivitamin $10 used $1 mgf= $9 + $10 RR
3 Visine $4.79 used $2 Aug coupon book, $2 Walgreens store coupon, 2 $1 mgf, 1 $1 mgf= $1.63 Money Maker!!
1 pkg Goodnites $3 use $2 mgf= $1!!
1 pkg Tampax Tampons $2.89 Clearance used $1 mgf= $1.89

Total OOP: $59.32

Total Savings: $294.86

Have $9 RR to use next week!

Wow!! did not realize I got so much stuff! I knew I hardly spent any money each time, but didn't realize I spent less than $60 these past two weeks. I got tons of stuff that we were really going to be needing too!

62 items worth $359.18 for $59.32 + $9 RR + 1 Free 18ct Playtex RR (this is what I have left over- received $45 worth from all these transacions, but used them to buy all the extra stuff- like wipes, pull ups, diapers, need lots of those & ziploc bags to freeze all of our garden stuff!) - sounds like a great deal to me!! That comes out to $.95 an item! Can't beat that! Especially with all those wipes, which we will use up very fast, and all the freezer bags so I can freeze all of the garden stuff.

Things are getting done- will be freezing all of our onions and most of our potatoes this weekend and maybe some sweet corn. We are going to freeze alot of our potatoes as mashed potatoes and freeze the rest as meals like: stew, potato cheese soup, and chicken pot pie. Will probbly wait to make the meals next week when I can pull up some of our carrots.

Will get a picture up soon, but we have already broken in and used alot of this stuff and distributed lots of stuff (wipes) to each of the cars and diaper bags and main rooms in our house Don't think I want to go and round up all the stuff again!

I was also accepted as a Nequik Shaker!! Here is some information they sent to me about it:
What You’ll Do:

Help spread the word about NESQUIK by hosting fun sampling events for friends or acquaintances you’d like to introduce NESQUIK to and by completing other online and offline activities.• Tell us what you think about the NESQUIK brand and its marketing programs. • Be part of a community of passionate people who share a love for NESQUIK.
What You’ll Get• A welcome letter full of information that will help you get the best out of your time as a Shakers member.• Coupons for Free NESQUIK to serve at your sampling event as well as coupons to share with guests.• The opportunity to complete weekly activities and earn points which can be used towards great rewards in our online store.

How It Works:

Create a member profile and meet other Shakers members on the message boards.• Receive regular Shakers Newsletters notifying you of new activities and highlights.• Review our suggestions for how to host sampling events. We’ll send you coupons and supplies to host your own; you’ll submit photos and the feedback you received during your event.

Well, I had better be going-all 4 of the kids are asleep right now! Clarisse is only 10 days old and this has already happend- hope it will happen alot more!!


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shopping trips for week of July 25th

Wow this week was a great week for shopping and loading up on groceries! Glad this paycheck was an extra paycheck for the month since it had 5 pay periods. I think our cupboards and feezer are filled to the top. Don't think I could bu anything else even if I wanted! Adam asked if instead of getting the nesting thing for cleaning mine was stuffing our house with food items and meant I would have the baby very soon. Hopefully that is the case! We won't be needing to buy groceries for several months- now to just live out of our cupboard and freezers for awhile. I spent $263 and saved $442!!

I won't go into detail about everything I bought, but will give you some match ups so you might be able to get some good deals yourself.

(The prices each is after coupon savings)

6 Blue Bunny Butter $.77 each
90 ct Totinos Pizza Rolls $4.99 each w/coupon
12 Ziploc Fresh Extend Bags $1.49 each
Had 6 $1/2 coupons for 12 of the bags and for the others they had coupon hanging at Hy-Vee for $1 off prodcue for the other 10 boxes.
$10 worth of produce- free (from above deal)

2 Luvs diapers $4.29 each w/coupon
2 Pampers wipes $1.47 each w/coupon
2 Oscar Mayer Deli Creations $1.99 each w/coupon
2 Oscar Mayer Deli Creations $1.50 each w/coupon
4 Kid Cuisines $.75 each ($1.00 coupon found here)
2 Bagel Bites $.24 each
use $1.00 coupon found here
plus stack with $1 coupon found here
2 Red Baron Pizza by the Slice $.99 each ($2 coupon from Sunday paper)
21 Chef Boyardee $.97 each- some FREE after coupons!!
use $1.00 coupon here
plus stack with $1.50 coupon here
2 Danon yogurt $1.39 each
use $.75 coupon here
4 8pks Juicy Juice boxes $1.99 each-FREE after coupons!!
use $1.00 coupon here
plus stack with $1.00 coupon here
4 Del Monte Fruit cups $.82 each
use $1.00 coupon here
3 12 pk Hunts pudding
use $1.00 coupon here
2 El Monterey Burritos Family pack $2.99 total
B1G1 Free coupon (go to their website and I think I signed up to receive offers and got the coupon)
1 Huge serving bowl (for all my garden picking/prep) $1.98 clearance
3 Hamburger Helper boxes
use $1/2 coupon here
plus stack with $.75 coupon found in Sunday newspaper

Alright- sorry, but this post kind of got stopped halfway through! :( I didn't even get my whole shopping trip with coupons typed up- things just got busy. Well, for one, we had our baby girl the day after this shopping trip!

Clarisse Eileen was born August 2, 2010 at 3:18 am and was 7lbs 3ozs 20.5inches. She has tons and tons of long black hair! She has been our biggest baby yet! The other 3 kids absolutely love her! Kellie, when asked to share her with her brothers said "NO!!" then she wouldn't let anyone take a picture of Clarisse. We got Clarisse's name from how we named Kellie. Kellie was born on Adam's birthday so we use Adam's middle name- Kelly and changed the spelling. Then we used my Mom's middle name- Renee and changed the spelling (her request- she likes it better spelled Renae). Thus Kellie Renae! So when it came time to name our second girl, we used Clarisse- my middle name, and Eileen- Adam's Mom's middle name.
I think you will still be able to get some of the deals I posted about- hopefully, if anyone wants to try. At least I had a good excuse! Hopefully I can start posting some more good deals for everyone soon!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Walgreens Trips week of July 11th

I am super excited about Walgeens this week! There is a great deal that you can get lots of RR for free- which means lots of free items in the future!

(Picture is missing another Maruchan Teriakyi Meal-husband ate, 1 popcorn, 2 more Dr. Scholl's, 2 Dawn Dish soap, and 1 Butterfinger- I ate that on the way home!)

1st Transaction:
1 Dr. Scholl for Her Hidden Arch Support
1 Dr. Scholl for Her Rough Skin Eraser

$2 mgf Dr. Scholl Arch Support
2 $5 Store Coupon Dr. Scholl's

Total: $2.40 + Received $5RR

2nd Transaction:
1 Dr. Scholl for Her Hidden Arch Support
1 Dr. Scholl for Her Rough Skin Eraser

$2 mgf Dr. Scholl Arch Support
2 $5 Store coupon Dr. Scholl's

Total: $2.40 + Received $5RR

3rd Transaction:
9 Hamburger Helper
4 Act 2 Popcorn
1 Butterfinger
2 Old El Paso Taco Shells
8 Kraft Mac n' Cheese
2 Maruchan Teriakyi Meals

3 $.75/3 Hamburger Helper
4 $.55/2 Mac n' Cheese
1 $1/2 Maruchan Meals
2 $1/2 Act 2 Popcorn
1 $.60/2 Old El Paso Products
Walgreens Mac n' Cheese coupon- $4.80 off
Walgreens Butterfinger coupon- $.11 off
2 $5 RR from previous transactions

Total OOP: $4.75!!

Total Savings for these 3 transactions were $62.55!

That makes for some really cheap food! Good think the kids and I eat Hamburger Helper and Mac n' Cheese alot!

4th Transaction:
2 Dr. Scholl's Ball of Foot insoles
2 Dawn Dish Soap

2 $5 Store Coupon
2 $2 mfg Dr. Scholl's
1 $.50 mgf Dawn
1 $.25 mgf Dawn

Total OOP: $1.23 + received $5RR

I now have 1 $5RR saved for another purchase!

So far my OOP is $8.38 + $5RR for future purchase with a total savings of $77.30! That is not counting how much more I saved since all the grocery items were also on sale. If I have figured that correctly, I have a 89% savings! Plus $5 to use next time! I hope to do another purchase or two tomarrow to get a couple more RR.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

House Party & Nielson Consumer Panel

I am also really excited about a couple of programs that I may be able to do soon!

I was accepted recently to have a house party for Kleenex hand towels! They sent me a package with 16 boxes of Kleenex hand towels, a $10 gift card, markers, crayons, and paint! All I have to do is have the party, take pictures, and post it to their site! You are suppose to have the house party on the date they have set- it is part of their thing of having tons of house parties all across the country on the same day. The Kleenex hand towel party is on July 24th- my Dad's birthday! So guess what- for Dad's birthday we are having a Kleenex hand towel party! I am sure we will use quite abit with all the little kids and birthday cake and ice cream! It seems to be pretty easy to do. You can go to: and see if you can sign up too! You do everything from their website- even send out your invitations from there. I have also filled out a survey to do the Rubbermaid Clean Little Secrets House Party. Waiting for th e sign up period to end to see if I have been picked to do it. If I am picked, I will get the following for my house party: Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop for host
Rubbermaid rubber cleaning gloves for host
Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop coupons for guests
Goody Hair Ties
Recipe Cards for Solution Mix
eMusic Cards*
Papermate Pens

I also just signed up with Nielson Counsmer Panel today. They send you as scanner and each week you scan the items you have bought at the store, it stores the information, and then at the end of the week you send the information to the company. You earn points that you can use to redeem different items and they also have drawings that you get to sign up for. I completed the survey and at the end it said that I would be put on a waiting list for a scanner to be sent to me as soon as they had one available for my household! I e-mailed the blog that had it advertised that they were accepting applications and she said that she has never be selected to participate and that they never let her finsih the survey so since I got a letter at the end saying I would be put on the waiting list there is a very good chance I have been accepted! Now to just wait and see when I am able to get one!

I am excited about all the free stuff I can get, just by doing my normal shopping and having house parties with friends and family.

Great Deals at Hy-Vee the next two weeks!

Hy-Vee is having a huge 2 week sale for their grand opening for their Peoria store and we get to get in on the deals!

Hy-Vee's store policy is they will accept a store coupon with a mgf coupon, which will make some great deals even better. You can print or look at a store policy at

They also have a coupon match up for their weekly ad! The match ups for the week of July 14 are here:

Here are some of their deals:

Farmaland Hot Dogs $.49 w/SC (SC- store coupon)
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix $.49 w/SC
Earth Grains Eco Grain Bread B1G1 free
Keebler Crackers $1.88
mgf coupon from paper $1/2 Keebler Town House Crackers
Hy-Vee Bologna $.99 w/SC
Knorr RIce 10/$10 Free Rotisserie chicken w/SC
Texas Toast $2.77
mgf coupon from paper $.50
Pizza Rolls 90ct $4.99
Suddenly Salad $.79 w/SC
mgf coupon from paper $.55/2
Sunbelt Granola Cereal 2/$4
GM Cherrios, Golden Grahams and select others 3/$5
you can usually find lots of cherrio coupons in the paper
or go here:
Tombstone Pizzas $2.99 w/SC
$2mgf- Like them on Facebook and you can get the coupon

If you want a coupon, try to find it at . All of the store coupons say limit of 1, don't know if you can get more than the limit or if they will strictly only let you have 1 at that price. Walgreens coupons usually say limit of __ but I have been told by the manager that there really is no limit and you can get as much as you want and they will take off for every item- just as long as you don't wipe them completely out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Old Navy Price Adjustment Policy

Did you know alot of stores price adjust items that go on sale within 14 days after you have purchased your item? If you bought an item and within the next 14 days it then goes on sale, you can take your receipt back to the store and they will scan it and give you the price adjustment. Below is a copy of Old Navy's price adjustment. You can also go to this link and get a copy of their policy:,1959829&clink=1959829

Price Adjustments
We offer a one-time price adjustment if an item is marked down within fourteen (14) days of the date on your purchase. To obtain a price adjustment on an online purchase, you must call 1-800-OLD-NAVY, or send us an email message at within the fourteen (14) day window. Include your order number in your email message. If you are within the deadline, we'll refund you the difference in your original form of payment.
Items purchased with a promotional discount are not eligible for price adjustments. See promotion for details. However, items purchased with rewards certificates or free shipping promotions are eligible for price adjustments.
A price adjustment for an online purchase will not be made in a Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic store.
We will not make price adjustments on online purchases for items featured in clearance pricing events in Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic stores. Sorry, there are no returns or exchanges on final sale merchandise, online or in stores.

There is also a site that will keep track of your items and notify you if there has been a price change. The following is taken from the link below.

Track your purchases at free deal-generating sites that notify you if a given item’s price drops within the time period selected. monitors purchases through 146 retailers, including Best Buy and Staples, while comparison search engine tracks specific items at hundreds of online retailers.
Read more: The Price (Adjustment) Is Right – Spending – Deals –

So if you every buy anything and find it cheaper later have the store scan your receipt to see if you can get a price adjustment. Seems like I always buy something and then it goes on sale a few days later. This way I can still get the sale!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Walgreens Trip 7/12

I made a fast stop at Walgreens tonight and got alot of good stuff really cheap! I didn't get any RR this week and used up all of mine from last week, but bought lots of stuff and will have to stock up on RR next week. I got the following:

2 100ct envelopes $1.29 each
4 pkgs Scunci hair ties 18ct $2.99 each + B1G1 Free
4 bags Davids Sunflower seeds 2/$2
2 Keebler Club crackers 2/$6
4 Right Gaurd Deodorant $3.99 + B1G1 Free
4 pkgs crayons $.49 each
1 Charmin 6pk double toilet paper $3.49
4 Legal Pads of paper $.99 each
2 Salonpas hot patch $1.99 each

Total: $65.69

2 $3mgf Right Guard
2 B1G1 free hair ties- $5.98
$4 off Walgreens coupon- hair ties
2 $1mgf Sunflower seeds
2 $1mgf Keebler crackers
$1 mgf Charmin
$.50 Walgreens coupon- Charmin
$2.80 Walgreens coupon- Legal pads of paper
2 $1mgf Salonpas hot patch
$2 Walgreens Coupon
$12 RR from previous weeks purchase

Total Savings: $59.09

Total OOP: $6.60

The crackers alone were $6! That comes out to each item being only $.24 each! Adam uses the sunflower seeds to keep him awake while he is driving all day and for just a couple dollars more I got 4 bags of seeds plus everything else!

Here is a break down of what everything would cost after coupons not including taking the RR off:
100ct envelopes $.65 each
4 pkgs Scunci hair ties $.49 each
4 pkgs sunflower seeds $.50 each
2 Keebler Club crackers $2 each
4 Right Guard deodorant $.49 each
4 pkgs crayons $.49 each
Charmin toliet paper 6 big rolls $1.99 (comes out to $.009 a square yard!)
4 Legal pads of paper $.29 each
2 Salonpas hot patches made $.01 each

I have heard that when toliet paper comes out to $.01 a square yard- you shoud stock up! Even if you don't have the $1mgf coupon with just the store coupon it comes out to about $.01 a square yard. Everyone- stock up on toliet paper!

I will take a picture of everything in the morning!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Walgreens Trip July 9th

So I wasn't supper excited about Walgreens ads this week, but needed to go to town to get some things for our birthday parties tomarrow- my husband's and my daughter Kellie's 2. I am so glad I went! I could have done better, but it was really really late and needed to get going in order to get everything done I needed. My sister was with me with her new baby so I had her purchase my first transaction since she was going to check out while I was still shopping.

(Forgot to put the 4 dove deodorants in the picture as well, whoops!)

She bought me:
Oral B Advanced Toothbrush $2.99
Used: $2mgf
OOP: $.99 received $1 RR

Transaction 2:
6 bags Purina cat/dog food $1.99
4 Scotch pop up dispeners $1.09
1 Dawn 10.3oz dish soap $.99
2 hand soaps (we were in need of some more!)
1 Colgate toothpaste
1 Colgate toothbrush
2 Kellogg Rice Krispie Treats

6 $2 Puina mgf
4 $1 scotch tape mgf
1 $1 dawn mgf
1 $.75 colgate toothpaste mgf
1 $.75 colgate toothbrush mgf
2 $1 Kellogg rice krispie treat mgf
1 $1 Oral B RR
Total OOP: $8.29 Savings of $38.40
Received: $2 Colgate RR, $2 Kellogg RR

Transaction 3:
1 Oral B Advanced Toothbrus $2.99
4 Lifesavers bags $2.29 B1G1 free
2 Cheeze it cracker boxes
1 $2 Oral B mgf
3 $1 Lifesavers mgf
2 $1 Cheeze it crackers
Total OOP: $6.02
Received: $2 Kellogg RR, $1 Oral B RR

Transaction 4:
4 Dove deodrants 4/$15
4 $1.50 Dove mgf
Total OOP: 9.90
Receied: $5 Dove RR

I had a grand total OOP of: $24.21 but received $12 in RR. I should have split my colgate toothpaste and toothbush purchases to received another $2 RR and I could have added a few fillers to cut down my OOP, but like I said we were in a hurry and it was first time shopping with a new baby for my sister. If I subtract my RR from my OOP I only spent $.44 per item!

I am hoping to go back in tomarrow, well-today, and use my RR to get some Febreeze prodocts so I can turn in that mail in rebate. I would also like to get some Kebbler Cub crackers and cookies for some more RR. So far I had a total savings of: $60.44! I had one more bag of the Purina dog food also, but my coupon beeped. It was a mfg coupon with a target logo on it. I thought we could use them anywhere since they said mgf coupon, but he said it could only be used at Target. Does anyone know if this is true?

My sister who doesn't coupon grabbed a few things for her husband to go home and make some pizzas and received a $2RR that she didn't even know she was going to get. As she was walking around with me she found that Kellogg Special K, I believe, was on sale and she had a coupon for $1 off. Told her how to use her RR and she was super excited to get 2 boxes of Special K cereal for only $2! Maybe I will get her hooked on couponing!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Walgreens & Target info

I am very excited! I have talked with Christie at Wild for Wags at and she has graciously allowed me to post some of her great Walgreens deals! I will be posting a few of my favorite Walgreens deals each week, you can get the rest of the deals by following the link to her site. I will also post the Register Reward deals for each month. Her site is a great site to go to and I would recommend heading over to her site and seeing all the great things she has. My site is not near as elaborate as hers will be.
For a Walgreens weekly store ad go to: Go to this link to learn about Register Rewards or RR. It has alot of great information!

I have also talked to Kerry at Totally Target at and she has graciously allowed me to also post some of her great Target deals! I will post some of the weekly deals and will have a link to her site for the rest. Her site is also a great site I would recommend heading over to and seeing as well.
For a Target weekly store ad go to:

As I do this more and more, I may just figure out how to set up my blog how I want to and will be able to give you better information about deals in the Des Moines area. Please bear with me as this is all a new learning experience for me!

Don't think I will start posting any deals until maybe next week. Not much of interest to me this week. There are some great deals, but just not interested in them. This week I am trying to set everything up for the blog and get things figured out. I also have two birthday parties on Saturday to get ready for! Adam's birthday and Kellie's 2nd birthday!

Thanks Wild for Wags and Totally Target for all this information!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Savings!

I don't have a picture for this one, but we have more savings coming in!!

Walgreens had their Dove deodorant for $1.99 with store coupon and I had a $2 off mgf coupon, so we bought 4 and Walgreens paid us $.04 to buy them. They also had Reach toothbrushes for $.99 with store coupon and I had a $1 off mgf coupon- bought 2 and they paid us $.02 to buy them. If you buy 2 Reach toothbrushes at Walgreens this month, you can get a $2 RR for $2 off your next purchase. They also had their small bottles of Dawn dish soap on sale for $.99 and with mgf coupon I got 2 for $.98. Bought: 4 Dove Deodorants, 2 Reach toothbrushes, 2 Dawn dish soap for a total of: $.98 plus tax! Next purchase at Walgreens was 6 boxes of Kelloggs cereal at $1.99 each with $1 off purchase of 2 so 6 boxes for $8.94! Bought 3 pkgs Twizzlers at $4.50 minus $1 mgf coupon and received $2 RR for my next purchase. Also bought 3 packages of Dentyne gum for $.99. My total for this purchase was $11.43 after I used my RR from the previous purchase, but I also received another $2 RR from this purchase to use on my next purchase.

4 Dove Deodorants
2 Reach Toothbrushes
2 Dawn Dish Soap
6 Boxes Kelloggs cereal
3 Pkgs Twizzlers
3 Pkgs Dentyne Gum
Total: $12.41 plus $2 RR

HyVee also had some great deals- bought 6 40oz bottles of ketchup for $.98 each and bought 10 pkgs of Oscar Mayer bun length hot dogs for $.99 each, but had $1 off 2 mgf coupons for the hot dogs so got 6 bottles of ketchup and 10 pks of hot dogs for $10.83!

While we were in Fort Dodge for the 4th we ran in to Walmart and they had Air Wick Automatic Spray starter kits that included 2 gadgets and 2 refills for the price of one, but they were on clearance for $6 and I had a $4 off mgf coupon making the package only $2! They were originally $13! They also had a 100oz bag of Lysol all purpase cleaner for $2.50 minus my $.50 mgf coupon making it only $2 (originally $5)! Also bought the kids a really neat sprinkler thing that was on clearance for $2. I will have to post pictures of this~ it looks like alot of fun!

I saved about $80 this past week for all of my deals and only had an out of pocket of $29.24! My freezer and cabinets are sure getting stocked up!

~We had a very busy 4th of July weekend- my sister had her baby on July 1st. His name is Stephan Wade he was 7lbs 8ozs and 19in! This started off our busy weekend as we all went to visit everyday!

My Mom and two younger sisters stayed at our house starting on Wednesday and my Dad came up on Friday. Then Saturday we went to the Iowa Historical Museum to see the first ever copy of the Declaration of Independence. This was extra special for our family as Josiah Bartlett signed the Declaration of Independence. He is a distant relative of my husband's family and this is who our second boy is named after.

Then on Sunday it was parade and fireworks! Benjamin and Josiah stood there the whole parade waving with a smile on their face. They could have been one of those kids who ride in the parade on one of the cars. It was so funny! Kellie loved getting all the candy and would pick up a couple and then forget about the rest. We ended up with literally a whole plastic sack full of candy just from our 3 kids! Then we went and Adam and a friend Jacob grilled hot dogs for everyone and we had smores. The boys did sparklers with Uncle Ethan and then it was time for fireworks! Everyone loved them. Josiah almost looked like he was going to fall asleep, but was so fixed in the fireworks he couldn't. Even baby Clarisse jumped at every firework that went off!

Well, I think that is enough pictures for now! As you can tell it was a very busy weekend. Hope things will slow down this week, but we have two birthday parties this Saturday- Adam's birthday and Kellie's 2nd both on the 10th!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My first post!

Ok- so really I have no clue asto how to set up a blog! :( I can't seem to figur out how to set it up just how I want it- maybe someday I will get it. I am starting a blog for all of you to be able to learn how to coupon how I just learned to about a month ago. I love being able to save money and hope I can pass on the money saving to you too! I may not be too savy with saving quite yet, but my hopes are to one day have the hang of couponing- then I will be savvy! Last week I went shopping at Target and Walgreens and was able to buy $165.10 worth of stuff for only $52.26! That is a total savings of $112.84! To top it off I also got $20 in RR (register rewards) to use on my next purchase and I have a mail-in-rebate I can turn in for $5! I miss counted two different items that if I would have counted right I woul have gotten $10 more in gift cards, but I am happy to have even saved over $100! (this is why I say I am not too savvy with shopping just yet!)

This is a picture of all of the "stuff" I was able to buy + another package of Oreos (my husband snatched those up before Icould take a picture!)

I am looking forward to this weeks shopping trip- it feels so great to be able to get so muc stuff and spend so little. It makes shopping on a budget fun! Will hopefully soon be able to put up some things to help show you how you can do this also.