Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Target Trip- 2/21

Wow!! Target had some great deals yesterday (going on all week)! Here is what I got and you can still get these deals too! Check out my older posts and here for how to do these transactions!

2 Jeans- me originally $19.99 on clearance for $4.98 - $5 Target coupon = FREE
1 Bag Valentine Candy $.82 (down from 3.29)
1 8pk OrvilleRedenbaucher Popcorn $3.15 (down from $4.50)
1 Country Crock butter $1.67 - $.50 Target coupon (no longer available) - $.40 mgf = $.77
2 Up Ibuprofn (store brand) $.99 - $1 Target coupon = FREE
1 30x50 Rug- for boys' room $4.98 (down from $49.99)
1 Up Kleenex $1.39 - $.50 Target coupon (no longer available) = $.89
1 Up Pantyliners $.89 - $.75 Target coupon = $.14
1 Cocoa Rice Krispies $3.09
1 9 oz M&M 2.99 - $1.25 mgf (when you buy popcorn & m&ms) - $1.50 Target coupon (when you buy Rice Krispies & M&Ms) =$.24
2 Ragu Spaghetti Sauce $3.54 total - $.50 Target coupon - $1 mgf = $2.04
2 Market Pantry Chicken Sandwiches $5.68 - $1.50/2 Target coupon = $4.18
2 TGIF Bacon & Cheese Potato Skins $9.78 total -$4/2 Target coupon = $5.78
3 Hot Pocket Peperoni Pizza $1.60 (clearance) = $4.80 total
7 Banquet Chicken Meals $.84 each = $5.88 total
8 Totinos Pizza $1.27 each - 4 $.75/2 mgf = $7.16
8 Market Pantry Mixed Vegetables $.99 each - 2 $1/4 Target coupon = $5.92
4 Tony's Pizza $1 each - $1mgf - $.50 mgf = $2.50

Total OOP: $54.42
Received $25 in Gift Cards (for every 7 frozen food items)
Total Savings: $91.05

I plan on using the $25 in gift cards that I received from this transaction to go back and get more freezer food to stock my freezers. I will get a $5 gc for every 7 items that I buy in my next transaction, but I can use the gift cards from this transaction to lower my out of pocket cost and I will get more gift cards back to use in the future!

I was also planning on getting Finish dishwaher detergent, but they were sold out, so I will be heading back in later this week to get those. I have enough coupons to get 8 boxes for free! Check out my previous post to see how to get these free! There are 2 coupons on the Target site- one is for $1 off and one is for $1.50 off and 2 coupons on the Home Solutions site- one is for $1 off and one is for $.50 off. You can get the 10ct with a stack with 2 of the coupons to get them for free and the 20ct with stack with the other 2 for $.50 each!

Happy shopping!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Target Deals- Cheap frozen food!

Wow!! Talk about a great deal! The Urbandale store flyer has an ad for buy ANY 7 frozen food items and get a $5 gift card! This is a great deal as it seems like anything is working, even things that are less than $1! Check out Totally Target's post about this deal! This would be an excellent time to stock up on your freezer supplies. Some stores are not offering this deal so make sure you check for signs at your Target to see if they are doing it! Totally Target also has coupon match ups for some of the frozen items that you can use when you buy a frozen item and then also get the $5 gift card. You can do this deal as many times as you want within one transaction as the register will keep track of every seven items and automatically ring up a gift card each time 7 times have gone through. Make sure to keep track of you total spend out so that the gift cards are not added to your bill (for awhile there gift cards were being added to the bill and then not taken off so you were actually paying for the gift card, but I haven't heard of that happening for awhile now) Also make sure that if you use coupons that they all get rung up and taken off. I have had several times that coupons are missed. Hope everyone has a great week and are able to stock up on their frozen foods. Thanks Totally Target for writing more about this deal!

Target Deals- Free dishwasher soap & Jeans?!

Head over to Target.com to print a coupon for $5 off Women's denim: jeans, shorts, or capris!!
I have seen jeans on clearance at Target for 75% off so you may be able to get some jeans for FREE or for just a couple of dollars! Here as the print limit may be reached really fast with a coupon like this!

Also, Target.com has a coupon for $1.50 off 10ct or larger Finish by Quantum dishwasher detergent stack this coupon with $1 off mgf coupon or here to get Finish dishwasher soap for FREE this week at Target!


This will be my first giveaway on my blog! I have 2- 20% of diapers at Amazon.com to give away! I love buying diapers on Amazon as I usually get them within a day or two and if I use Subscribe & Save and the 20% off coupon I save 50% on diapers!! Also sign up for AmazonMom and the first 3 months are free! Plus you can earn additional free months for every $25 purchase you make BEFORE coupons! Which means I usually only spend $13 out of pocket and get diapers shipped to my door! Go to this post: Amazon Diapers to learn how to sign up for AmazonMom and Subscribe & Save.

Now for the giveaway!

Coupon expires 2/28/11 so you will have to use before then.
To enter the giveaway:

1) Follow my blog and leave a comment stating you are following!

2) Tell your friends and leave a comment with a link showing on either facebook, blog, or twitter that you shared with your friends!

This means you can enter for the giveaway 2 times! Winners will be selected at random using random.org. Giveaway will end late Tuesday night the 22nd and the winners will be notified that they won with the coupon code emailed to them by Wednesday.

Currently there is a deal on Amazon for 100 size 2 Huggies Snug & Dry diapers for $19.50 use subscirbe & save to get them for $13.65 plus use the 20% coupon code if you win this giveaway to get 100 diapers for $10.92!! Comes to $.10 a diaper!! Use AmazonMom and you will get free shipping on this order! Spend an additional $5.50 on baby items on Amazon and this order will qualify for another free month of AmazonMom (remember you get 3 months free)

If anyone needs help doing this deal- just let me know I would love to help you get cheap diapers!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Target Deals

Wow!! I had a great Target trip the other day! I went in to get the movie Ever After with Drew Berrymore and came out with a whole lot more! Here is what I got!

2 Ever After Movies $5-$3 coupon (no longer available)= $2 each
Total Spent: $4 Total Savings: $6

I was also wanting to start cleaning buckets for each room of the house as I am starting a new schedule for cleaning each room of the house. Each day we will clean a different room in the house so each room will be totally cleaned at least 1 time each week. To make it fun I wanted to start a bucket with cleaning supplies and let each of the kids have their own cleaning "tool" that will be their job for that room. I was really excited when I saw that the $1 spot at Target had 50% off some of their stuff and there was alot of cleaning supplies! Here is what I got for the buckets (will post our schedule and buckets later):

2 Microfiber Mitts (for dusting) $1 total
3 2pks of Microfiber Cleaning Pads (for wiping things up) $1.50 total
3 Dust pans & brooms $1.50 total
3 2pks Dish scrubbers (would work great for scrubbing down the floors!) $1.50 total
3 3pks of sponges (again for wiping things up or washing things down) $1.50 total
1 Big Hand Scrubber (for Adam or I to use to scrub down the floors) $.50
My total for my cleaning supply buckets: $7.50!! Total savings: $7.50
I have also been watching the fireplace supplies waiting for them to go on clearance at 75% and they were!! Here is what I got for the fireplace:

Fire Screen $9.98 originally $39.99
Tool Set $8.74 originally $34.99
Log Holder $7.48 originally $29.99
Total for fireplace suupplies: $26.20 Total savings: $78.70

I have also seen lamps that I had really wanted to get for each of the kid's rooms, but couldn't justify spending $29.99 just for a lamp in the kids' room! Guess what! They were on clearance for 75% off!!

Table Lamp for boys' room $6.24 originally $24.99
Table Lamp for girls' room $7.48 originally $29.99

Total for lamps: $13.72 Total Savings: $41.26

I also found 3pks of small storage containers in the dollar section on clearance for 50% off. I have been wanting to get small containers to put in the van so that when the kids had some kind of food that we were going to share I could just dump some into a container and pass them out. These containers will be the perfect size and the stack inside of each other!
2 3pks storage containers $1 total

Total spent for the whole trip: $51.42 Total savings: $133.46!! I had a 72% savings!!
Will post about my cleaning schedule and cleaning containers at future date! Will also post with pictures of the kids' room as I slowly pick up clearance items and get their rooms decorated and organized!