Walgreens Info

Alright, I guess I lied, I saw a few things I would like to get at Walgreens so I will be heading in to town tonight to try and get them.

Select Cookies & Crackers are 2/$5 with a $2 RR with purchase of 2
Rice Krispie Treats- use 2 $1mgf
Cheeze its- use 2 $1mgf
Club Crackers- use 2 $1mgf
Keebler Cookies- use 2 $1mgf
Total will be $3 with $2RR received. If you do each transaction seperatly you can get a RR for every set of cookies/crackers. You just can't use a RR from a previous cookies/crackers tansaction to buy your next set of cookies/crackers.

Lifesavers B1G1 Free- $1/2mgf coupon
Total: $1.29/2

Dove deodorant 4/$15 with $5RR (this RR is going all month!)
Use: 4 $1.50mgf
Total: $9 plus $5RR

You can use your cookie/cracker RR to buy the Dove or Lifesavers. If you use it for the Dove yo will have to add "fillers". A RR is considered as a mgf coupon and you can only have 1mgf per item. So if you buy 4 dove and have 4 mgf coupons for the dove, but want to use 3 previous RR to pay or it you will have to ge 3 "fillers". You would have 7 items with 7 mgf coupons. Head over here for more information about RR.

Also head over to Wild for Wags for more deals for the week of July 4th.

Thanks to Wild for Wags for the information!