Friday, November 19, 2010

thredUP- clothing exchange

Hip2Save currently has a blog about a new site called thredUP. It looks like a really neat site. You can buy 2 boxes of clothes in exchange for you listing 2 boxes of clothes. You pay $5 a box plus shipping. If you have older kids clothes they are buying boxes right now to try and get their site going. They will buy a box from you for the older kids clothing for $2-$4. You can use this to apply towards the purchase of one of your boxes.
It costs $5 for a box of at least 10 clothing items plus shipping which is usually about $10. So for about $15 you get at least 10 items of clothing. Comes to only $1.50 an item.
The basic membership is free, but you can go pro for $29.99 a year. With pro you have the first choice in boxes that are listed and you can even get boxes with brand new items in it.
Go over to Hip2Save to learn more about this company. She is also having a giveaway for 4 people to win pro memberships. She also has a couple of codes you can use to get discounts.
I know I don't quite have all the details on this be sure to check it out yourselves and go to the Hip2Save link above to enter in her giveaway and get more information about this site. I definitely think I will be checking into this site.
Hope some of you can find some good clothes and in exchange get rid of some of your clothes!