Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My first post!

Ok- so really I have no clue asto how to set up a blog! :( I can't seem to figur out how to set it up just how I want it- maybe someday I will get it. I am starting a blog for all of you to be able to learn how to coupon how I just learned to about a month ago. I love being able to save money and hope I can pass on the money saving to you too! I may not be too savy with saving quite yet, but my hopes are to one day have the hang of couponing- then I will be savvy! Last week I went shopping at Target and Walgreens and was able to buy $165.10 worth of stuff for only $52.26! That is a total savings of $112.84! To top it off I also got $20 in RR (register rewards) to use on my next purchase and I have a mail-in-rebate I can turn in for $5! I miss counted two different items that if I would have counted right I woul have gotten $10 more in gift cards, but I am happy to have even saved over $100! (this is why I say I am not too savvy with shopping just yet!)

This is a picture of all of the "stuff" I was able to buy + another package of Oreos (my husband snatched those up before Icould take a picture!)

I am looking forward to this weeks shopping trip- it feels so great to be able to get so muc stuff and spend so little. It makes shopping on a budget fun! Will hopefully soon be able to put up some things to help show you how you can do this also.