Saturday, February 19, 2011

Target Deals

Wow!! I had a great Target trip the other day! I went in to get the movie Ever After with Drew Berrymore and came out with a whole lot more! Here is what I got!

2 Ever After Movies $5-$3 coupon (no longer available)= $2 each
Total Spent: $4 Total Savings: $6

I was also wanting to start cleaning buckets for each room of the house as I am starting a new schedule for cleaning each room of the house. Each day we will clean a different room in the house so each room will be totally cleaned at least 1 time each week. To make it fun I wanted to start a bucket with cleaning supplies and let each of the kids have their own cleaning "tool" that will be their job for that room. I was really excited when I saw that the $1 spot at Target had 50% off some of their stuff and there was alot of cleaning supplies! Here is what I got for the buckets (will post our schedule and buckets later):

2 Microfiber Mitts (for dusting) $1 total
3 2pks of Microfiber Cleaning Pads (for wiping things up) $1.50 total
3 Dust pans & brooms $1.50 total
3 2pks Dish scrubbers (would work great for scrubbing down the floors!) $1.50 total
3 3pks of sponges (again for wiping things up or washing things down) $1.50 total
1 Big Hand Scrubber (for Adam or I to use to scrub down the floors) $.50
My total for my cleaning supply buckets: $7.50!! Total savings: $7.50
I have also been watching the fireplace supplies waiting for them to go on clearance at 75% and they were!! Here is what I got for the fireplace:

Fire Screen $9.98 originally $39.99
Tool Set $8.74 originally $34.99
Log Holder $7.48 originally $29.99
Total for fireplace suupplies: $26.20 Total savings: $78.70

I have also seen lamps that I had really wanted to get for each of the kid's rooms, but couldn't justify spending $29.99 just for a lamp in the kids' room! Guess what! They were on clearance for 75% off!!

Table Lamp for boys' room $6.24 originally $24.99
Table Lamp for girls' room $7.48 originally $29.99

Total for lamps: $13.72 Total Savings: $41.26

I also found 3pks of small storage containers in the dollar section on clearance for 50% off. I have been wanting to get small containers to put in the van so that when the kids had some kind of food that we were going to share I could just dump some into a container and pass them out. These containers will be the perfect size and the stack inside of each other!
2 3pks storage containers $1 total

Total spent for the whole trip: $51.42 Total savings: $133.46!! I had a 72% savings!!
Will post about my cleaning schedule and cleaning containers at future date! Will also post with pictures of the kids' room as I slowly pick up clearance items and get their rooms decorated and organized!

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