Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Budgeting Sheet

I have created a budgeting sheet that I absolutely love! It helps show us what we could actually have in our account if we stick to our budget and tells us exactly what we will need by a certain date to cover our montly expenses. This is just a sample picture of the cd I have created. The cd has step by step instructions. I find this budgeting sheet to be very simple as it calculates everything for you once you put your information in. I am selling these cds for $30 if anyone is intersted. I will also help walk you through the process when doing it for the first time. Contact me or leave a comment in this blog if you would be interested in purchasing one of these cds.
Let me know if you have any questions and hope this can help some of you with your finances! I currently have 3 people using this spreadsheet and they love it!

Here is an example of my budgeting spreadsheet. You fill in everything that is highlighted. The pink is your estimated average weekly paychecks. Everytime you get paid just update it to actual spending. The blue is your bills. Yellow are you budgeted items: it will take this amount each week until you put in your actual spending in (see sheet 2 on picture below) The green is for you to be able to add or subtract money to be able to reconcile it with your bank account if you get off. Then in the gray area you would put in when each bill was due. If a bill was due by the 18th you would put the amount under the 14ths paycheck. See examples below.
Sheet 2 is where you would put in your spending each time you would make a purchase. This will then change it from what you budgeted to what you actually spent.

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