Thursday, January 6, 2011

Target Deals

Yesterday we headed out to meet my sister to let her borrow a suit for Stephen and make sure that Brian could make it to work since at one point he was having trouble with his car. While we were out we decided to stop at Target! There were some really great deals!

If you head to a Target check for the Scotch tape (purple kind) are on clearance! There are no signs stating that they are on clearance, but when you price check them they are! Also make sure they ring up this price at the register, some of mine didn't. The single tapes are on clearance for $.20, 2 pks for $.49, and 3 pks for $.75. The 3 pks also had coupons for $1 off a gift wrap cutter and a 3 pk of refillable pop up tape. So I price checked each of these and yep, they were on clearance too! The gift wrap cutters were on clearance for $.75 plus use the $1 off coupon and the refillable pop up tape was on clearance for $.50 with a $1 off coupon! I was able to get 3 gift wrap cutters (which work great for cutting out coupons!), 3 3pks of tape, and 5 3pks of refillable pop up tape all for $1!! I was so excited to se ethe refillable pop up tape on sale like this plus the coupons. At one point last year I was able to get 3 of the actually pop up tape containers for FREE and I almost used them all up this Christmas!

Watch for all the Christmas clearance! I was able to get a 200pk of Bounty paper towels for $.74!! They were a lone pack sitting amongst all the Christmas decor and everyone was walking right past them! I quick grabbed them and then price checked them later. I think everyone thought they had just been thrown there, but they were on clearance because they have snowman prints on them! Watch for other items like this that may still be on the shelves example: paper towels, ziploc bags, napkins, holiday ziploc containers, etc. Sometimes they won't be marked just like the tape wasn't marked. The way I knew the tape might be discounted was because they said great for gift wrapping, which then makes them considered as a holiday item! This was the same for the napkins- even though we are still in the middle of winter, everyone is putting their winter items on clearance to make room for the spring/summer items. Also watch for toy clearance. I saw a post on Totally Target's blog that said twice a year they clearance toy items to make room for the new season items. Right now they are on clearance for 30% off so I will wait for them to go on clearance a lot more. Josiah's birthday is coming up so I am hoping I can find some good deals for him!

Also check out the turkeys! I was able to get 3 turkeys stuffed with stuffing and included gravy packets for about $5.50 each!! They were on price cut for $.50 a lb instead of $1.79 a lb! I now have 4 turkeys in my freezer, well actually only 2 because the other 2 won't fit! I will be cooking turkeys today! I plan on cooking them and then freezing the meat in individual ziploc bags of about how much our family would eat for a meal or how much would be needed to make a meal.

There is also a coupon on Target's website for $1/2 lunchables. They are currently on sale until Saturday for $1 and with the coupon you can get 2 for $1!!

Here is what I got yesterday:
4 Milky Ways- $.50/2 coupon used (these were snacks for the kids after we shopped)
2 Oscar Mayer Lunchables- $1/2 Target coupon
4 Oscar Mayer Combination Lunchables- I believe this was an old coupon I had printed
1 Oscar Mayer Deli Creations- also an old coupon I had printed (on sale for $2)
3 Butterball Turkeys- $5.50 each
2 Market Pantry Chicken Sandwiches-
$3/2 Market Pantry frozen chicken item
$2.98/3 after coupon
2 bags Market Pantry Boneless Skinless Chicken Tenderloins-
$3/2 Market Pantry frozen chicken item
2/$8.88 after coupon
2 Suave shampoos- on sale for $.94 (used old Target coupon I had printed) FREE!!
200 ct Bounty napkins- $.74

3 gift wrap cutters (see above)
3 3pks tape (see above)
5 3pks pop up tape refills (see above)
$1 total for all above items
2 Kikkoman Soy Sauce-
Buy 1 get 1 Free
$1.42 after coupon
4 Ortega Taco Shell kits w/ sauce and seasoning included-
$1/2 Smartsource coupon
10 Market Pantry Mac n' Cheese- these were on sale for $.42 each as a substitution to the Kraft Mac n' Cheese that was on sale for $1 which they were completely out of (we like generic brand better anyways and this was a way better price!) If you are wanting to get the Kraft Mac N' Cheese for $1 there is also a coupon for $.50/2 on the Target website

All together I spent $49.99 minus a $6 gift card Adam received from work for being safe!
Total OOP: $43.99
Total Savings (sales & coupons): $117
For a 70% savings!
I am pretty well stocked up on turkey and chicken now as we now have 5 turkeys when you add the 3 I bought yesterday to the 2 I already had- that is over 60lbs of turkey! They are being cooked right now to be cut and individually packaged for the freezer. I can only cook 1 at a time and it takes 5 hrs for 1 to cook- guess I will be cooking for awhile! Chicken is also in the crockpot cooking to be cut up and packaged in family serving sizes for the freezer.

I love having all this cooked ahead of item and in my freezer! Last night after I got home from shopping, Adam wanted Potato Cheese Soup. All I did was pull out on of my already frozen packages, microwaved it and ate! He also wanted homemade bread. So he made some really good potato bread that used potato flakes and put it in the bread machine. It didn't get done until 9 that night, but Adam and I enjoyed eating a few pieces of it and then he took some to work. Now he wants homemade potato bread made everyday!

Well, I had better be going and organizing my house- there are tubs everywhere upstairs while I am sorting through all the clothes we have and organizing it in the attic by sizes. Have a good day and hope you find some good finds!

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