Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to get Cheap Diapers!

There are a couple of online sites that I like to get some cheap diapers. One site is and the other is

Go to and when you sign up enter my referral code SARA618159 if you will please! I will get a credit to my account and I believe you will too! At you can use a coupon code for your first purchase for I believe 15% off your first purchase. I will try to post the code once I get home. accepts manufacture coupons. All you have to do is mail in your coupons and they credit them to your account. When you purchase an item that qualifies with a coupon you have sent it, they will deduct it from your purchase. When you make a purchase at follow the tab at the top left to and add any time to your cart to get free shipping once your total reaches $25, if you only order from you will have to spend $50 in order to get free shipping. In the past I have purchased $25 worth of diapers and then purchased a $.99 travel face wash at to get the free shipping. You also get 1-2 day shipping at I have gotten my purchases the next day in the past! I only like using if it is your first time using them so you get a % off or if you have referral credit, otherwise they aren't the cheapest place you can get diapers. Now before you order diapers at go to If you are not already signed up with them, follow my link so I can get referral credit, please and thank you! When you sign up for the first time you can choose to get $5 cash or choose from a number of $10 gift cards. I got a $10 Target gift card when I signed up. Once you make your first purchase through them you will get the the $5 or $10 gift card. Search for on and you get a % of cash back from your purchase.

I love buying diapers on! Go to and sign up for AmazonMom- this is $79 for a year, but if you purchase $25 worth of diapers in a month the fee is waived another month! I have been using it the past 4 months and have not been charged yet, because I spend $25 worth of diapers each month. The great thing about this is- you don't really have to spend $25 a month on diapers! Confused??!! The $25 a month is BEFORE coupons!! You can get coupons for for diapers in the Parenting magazine and in the Baby Talk Magazine. Follow the Baby Talk link to sign up to receive this magazine for FREE!! Click the free magazine subscription and opt out of all the other offers if you don't want them. You will never receive a bill for this magazine. In the February 2011 magazine there is a coupon for $10 off diapers when you purchase them at A lot of time you can find the Parenting magazine in your Dr's office. This month the Parenting magazine had a 20% off your entire purchase of diapers on You can order the Parenting magazine pretty cheap sometimes at I will try to post when I find a good deal on this magazine. Now, another neat thing about AmazonMom is: you get 15% off of all of your baby purchases, 2 day shipping and free shipping on ANY order from Also if you sign up for subscribe and save you get an additional 15% off! What subscribe and save does is: you purchase an item that qualifies for subscribe and save, then you choose how often you want that specific item delivered to you. You can choose anywhere from 1-6 months. I always choose 6 months, because then I can cancel subscribe and save if I really don't want that specific item delivered again. What subscribe and save does it deliver that item every month, 2 months, 3, 4, 5, or 6 months without you ever having to go back in and add those items to your cart. Now- between having AmazonMom and Subscribe and Save you are saving 30% off of your purchase of diapers, but you can save even more! Add in the coupon code from your Parenting magazine to get an additional 20% off of your purchase to get a total of 50% off of your diapers!! This is great and makes for some really cheap diapers! The other day had a deal to buy a $20 Amazon gift card for $10. I purchased this deal and combined my AmazonMom, Subscribe and Save, and 20% off Parenting magazine to get 1512 wipes for $10!! This comes out to less than a penny for wipes! My sister also did this deal, used AmazonMom, and Subscribe and Save to get 204 diapers for $18.84! This is $.09 a diaper! Another way to get Amazon gift cards is by signing up for swagbucks. Once again, if you could click on my Swagbucks link to the right of this post on my blog for me to be able to get referral points I would really appreciate it! What Swag Bucks are are points that you can get for doing searches through their toolbar. You download their toolbar and it shows up just like a google toolbar does, but instead of going through google go through Swagbucks and you may get points for the searches you do. I signed up almost 3 months ago and barely ever do searches and have gotten enough points to get 2 $5 Amazon gift cards. You can purchase a $5 Amazon gift card for 450 swag points. Once you get enough points redeem the for the Amazon gift cards and these can then be added to you Amazon account.

Well, I think this is about it for tips on how to get diapers cheap online! I will post if I find a great deal elsewhere. Sometimes you can get diapers really cheap by stacking coupons at Target or Walgreens. By stacking coupons, I mean you can use a store coupon with a manufacture coupon.

Well, that is all from me for now! Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer them. Hope you all are able to get some cheap baby items!


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