Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Target Deals

Wow!! Yesterday at the Urbandale Target they had some great deals in the baby section. I was able to get 4- 2 pks of the nice thick flannel pjs for $2.48 each- 2 for Clarisse and 2 for my nephew Stephen. On the package there was a coupon for $1 off a package of onsies when you bought 2 pj packages. Well, they had little boy onsies on clearance for $2.48- so I got 2 packages of these for Stephen too! They also had little boy athletic pants on clearance for $1.50! I was also able to get a 5 pk of flannel receiving blankets for $1.74! I also found those socks that have the grippers on them on clearance for $3.54. So I bought 2 pairs- a girl pair and a boy pair.

This is the breakdown:

4- 2 pks of pjs $2.48 x 4 = $9.92 Origianlly $9.99 each

Receiving blankets $1.74 Originally $6.99

Boy's athletic pants $1.50 Originally $6.99

2 socks w/ gripper soles $3.54 x 2 = $7.08 Originally $12.99 each

Total Spent: $20.24

Total Savings: $59.68

Also check the bras- they had some really nice ones for $3-$5 on clearance!

Look all over the store as Target has alot of clearance right now making way for the spring/summer inventory!

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