Thursday, December 9, 2010

Deals on Games

Went to Toys R Us last night and was able to get U-Build Battleship, U-Build Monoply, amd Bop It Bounce for $16.75 using coupons found on the Hasbro site. Print three of coupon 1 (will need two computers to do this). The U-Build Battleship says it is on sale for $14.99, but it rings up $7.98. You can also submit for a rebate on the above games and more. Just remember you can only submit the rebate once per household, but you can do it for each game listed. You just have to send the rebate in all at one time if you have multiple different games you want to submit for the rebate. Follow this link: Hasbro rebate form to print a rebate form for all of the participating games. I can submit the rebate for $3 off one of the U-Build games and the $3 off Bop It Bounce and get $6 back! So all 3 games for only $10.75!! These games are normally $20 each!!
You can also print coupon #2 to get a travel Pictureka! game for free at Walmart. They are sale this week for $5 normally $5.24.
You can use this coupon to get the Hungry Hippo travel game for free at Target or $.24 at Walmart. When you click on the above link it will come up with a page to print, just click the print button. Make sure your printer is ready to print before you click this! Walmart also had some tear pads with some of these coupons on them- just look around!
I belive there were tear pads at Walmart for $2 off the Cuponk. This game is on sale for $10 at Target this week and you get a package of balls for free when you buy the Cuponk game. (There is a sign listing what it is that is free and they were both setting beside each other) You can also turn this game in for a $3 rebate to get the bame and the extra balls for $5 after coupon and rebate if you can find the coupon somewhere!
Hope you all get some good deals on games!!

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