Saturday, July 17, 2010

House Party & Nielson Consumer Panel

I am also really excited about a couple of programs that I may be able to do soon!

I was accepted recently to have a house party for Kleenex hand towels! They sent me a package with 16 boxes of Kleenex hand towels, a $10 gift card, markers, crayons, and paint! All I have to do is have the party, take pictures, and post it to their site! You are suppose to have the house party on the date they have set- it is part of their thing of having tons of house parties all across the country on the same day. The Kleenex hand towel party is on July 24th- my Dad's birthday! So guess what- for Dad's birthday we are having a Kleenex hand towel party! I am sure we will use quite abit with all the little kids and birthday cake and ice cream! It seems to be pretty easy to do. You can go to: and see if you can sign up too! You do everything from their website- even send out your invitations from there. I have also filled out a survey to do the Rubbermaid Clean Little Secrets House Party. Waiting for th e sign up period to end to see if I have been picked to do it. If I am picked, I will get the following for my house party: Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop for host
Rubbermaid rubber cleaning gloves for host
Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop coupons for guests
Goody Hair Ties
Recipe Cards for Solution Mix
eMusic Cards*
Papermate Pens

I also just signed up with Nielson Counsmer Panel today. They send you as scanner and each week you scan the items you have bought at the store, it stores the information, and then at the end of the week you send the information to the company. You earn points that you can use to redeem different items and they also have drawings that you get to sign up for. I completed the survey and at the end it said that I would be put on a waiting list for a scanner to be sent to me as soon as they had one available for my household! I e-mailed the blog that had it advertised that they were accepting applications and she said that she has never be selected to participate and that they never let her finsih the survey so since I got a letter at the end saying I would be put on the waiting list there is a very good chance I have been accepted! Now to just wait and see when I am able to get one!

I am excited about all the free stuff I can get, just by doing my normal shopping and having house parties with friends and family.

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