Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Savings!

I don't have a picture for this one, but we have more savings coming in!!

Walgreens had their Dove deodorant for $1.99 with store coupon and I had a $2 off mgf coupon, so we bought 4 and Walgreens paid us $.04 to buy them. They also had Reach toothbrushes for $.99 with store coupon and I had a $1 off mgf coupon- bought 2 and they paid us $.02 to buy them. If you buy 2 Reach toothbrushes at Walgreens this month, you can get a $2 RR for $2 off your next purchase. They also had their small bottles of Dawn dish soap on sale for $.99 and with mgf coupon I got 2 for $.98. Bought: 4 Dove Deodorants, 2 Reach toothbrushes, 2 Dawn dish soap for a total of: $.98 plus tax! Next purchase at Walgreens was 6 boxes of Kelloggs cereal at $1.99 each with $1 off purchase of 2 so 6 boxes for $8.94! Bought 3 pkgs Twizzlers at $4.50 minus $1 mgf coupon and received $2 RR for my next purchase. Also bought 3 packages of Dentyne gum for $.99. My total for this purchase was $11.43 after I used my RR from the previous purchase, but I also received another $2 RR from this purchase to use on my next purchase.

4 Dove Deodorants
2 Reach Toothbrushes
2 Dawn Dish Soap
6 Boxes Kelloggs cereal
3 Pkgs Twizzlers
3 Pkgs Dentyne Gum
Total: $12.41 plus $2 RR

HyVee also had some great deals- bought 6 40oz bottles of ketchup for $.98 each and bought 10 pkgs of Oscar Mayer bun length hot dogs for $.99 each, but had $1 off 2 mgf coupons for the hot dogs so got 6 bottles of ketchup and 10 pks of hot dogs for $10.83!

While we were in Fort Dodge for the 4th we ran in to Walmart and they had Air Wick Automatic Spray starter kits that included 2 gadgets and 2 refills for the price of one, but they were on clearance for $6 and I had a $4 off mgf coupon making the package only $2! They were originally $13! They also had a 100oz bag of Lysol all purpase cleaner for $2.50 minus my $.50 mgf coupon making it only $2 (originally $5)! Also bought the kids a really neat sprinkler thing that was on clearance for $2. I will have to post pictures of this~ it looks like alot of fun!

I saved about $80 this past week for all of my deals and only had an out of pocket of $29.24! My freezer and cabinets are sure getting stocked up!

~We had a very busy 4th of July weekend- my sister had her baby on July 1st. His name is Stephan Wade he was 7lbs 8ozs and 19in! This started off our busy weekend as we all went to visit everyday!

My Mom and two younger sisters stayed at our house starting on Wednesday and my Dad came up on Friday. Then Saturday we went to the Iowa Historical Museum to see the first ever copy of the Declaration of Independence. This was extra special for our family as Josiah Bartlett signed the Declaration of Independence. He is a distant relative of my husband's family and this is who our second boy is named after.

Then on Sunday it was parade and fireworks! Benjamin and Josiah stood there the whole parade waving with a smile on their face. They could have been one of those kids who ride in the parade on one of the cars. It was so funny! Kellie loved getting all the candy and would pick up a couple and then forget about the rest. We ended up with literally a whole plastic sack full of candy just from our 3 kids! Then we went and Adam and a friend Jacob grilled hot dogs for everyone and we had smores. The boys did sparklers with Uncle Ethan and then it was time for fireworks! Everyone loved them. Josiah almost looked like he was going to fall asleep, but was so fixed in the fireworks he couldn't. Even baby Clarisse jumped at every firework that went off!

Well, I think that is enough pictures for now! As you can tell it was a very busy weekend. Hope things will slow down this week, but we have two birthday parties this Saturday- Adam's birthday and Kellie's 2nd both on the 10th!


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