Friday, August 20, 2010

Preschool!! Letter A, #0, & cirlces!!

Two little boys woke me up this morning with school books in hand wanting to start school. I had bought two preschool books at Sam's Club for $7 last year as Benjamin is suppose to be startng Preschool this year and I figured Josiah could just join in. I could not remember where I had put these books and was planning on searching for them sometime in the next couple of days, but had never said anything to the boys about starting school sometime. I guess they are just ready and knew it was time to start!
We spent 2 1/2 hours doing the color yellow, the letter A and opposites- big/little. Both boys learned what A says and how to write it. They both are doing a really good job. Josiah is having a harder time with following the directions and writing the letters, but he is at least getting the idea. Josiah is only 3 this year so I don't expect him to be able to keep up with big brother Benjamin. Think it will just take a little more time with Josiah, but think he will catch on soon. I would like t0 do one letter, number, shape for each week. That way they will have a week of practice on them. Now to come up with activities to do with that letter, number, & shape for a week. Maybe one of the days we will cook things that start with the letter A, we could pick up all our toys this week so there are "0" toys on the floor! That would be nice!! Maybe another day we will make circle pancakes. Will have to do some major thinking here on lots of different things we can do. We are also learning about Adam & Eve because Adam starts with A
Please let me know if anyone has a suggestion for a letter, shape, or number of something we can do in the future. Have seen on another blog that they made something that started with that letter and then took it to the house of someone who's name stated with that letter. Example- make something with Apples for Adam. Please help me with ideas!!
Well, I had better be going. Since we did school this morning, it is already 1 and I still need to make lunch! Have a great week!


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