Friday, August 13, 2010

Target Trip 8/10

Here is my Target trip for 8/10. You can go to and get alot of the store coupons that I used.

Pacifiers- $3.49 (needed those, can't find any from the other kids)
2 Dora Bandaids- used coupon from target website- $1.32 each
Neosporin- $3.30 use $3 mgf when you buy 3 products (Bandaids & Neosporin is what I did)- $.30
10ct Papermate Pens- $1 used coupon from target site- $.50 (if you want red coupon would make them FREE!!)
Lysol Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser- clearance $6.04 used $3 mgf coupon from mail- $3.04
Lysol Hand Soap Refill- $3.49- used $3 target coupon when you buy dispenser & soap- $.049
4 9ct Bic Pens-$1 used 2 $1 target coupons & $1/2 mgf in Sunday's paper for FREE pens
2 ProGillette Fusion Razors- $8.99each used 2 $4 mgf from paper- $4.99 each
I love these Razors!! They work really well- don't even need shaving cream. Adam doesn't like them though.
Venus Breeze Refill cartridge- $12.99
Olay Body Wash- $5.49 used coupon from Sunday paper buy Venus razor refill cartridge get Olay Body Wash for FREE!!

My total came to $48.07
I saved $42.82
Received $10 in gift cards for buying any combination of Gillette or Venus Razor products.
I am also combining this receipt with all my Secret deodorant Walgreens purchases for a $10 mail in rebate when you buy $30 worth of Olay, Venus, Covergirl, Secret, or Pantene products. Rebate form found here.
In the last two weeks I have spent a total of: $107.39
Saved a total of: $337.68
Bought a total of: $445.07 worth of products
Have $9 in RR to use at Walgreens
Have $10 in gift cards to Target
Sending in for $10 rebate

Didn't really buy any food these past two weeks, but I did that with my Hy-Vee and Taget trips that I posted about earlier. I only spent $80.47 on that trip and my cupboards and freezer are stocked-I can't buy anything else!! In 3 weeks I spent $187.86 and am stocked on food, diapers, and wipes (and lots of other stuff) for a long time! We use to spend about $100 a week on everything before I started couponing these past 3 weeks come down to $62.62 a week on everything and I am not planning on shopping for awhile since I have no where to put the stuff. I may get a few things here and there if they are really good deals. I plan on freezing all of our garden stuff too and using that for meals so may need to buy a couple more little things to get that done. I plan on freezing everything into already made meals so I won't have to make them later. With what we have stocked right now and in our garden could last us for the next couple of months!! I am excited about taking the next few weeks worth of grocery money that I would have spent and using it to pay off some bills.
Adam managed to wreck our Freestyle as soon as we decided to post it for sale during one of those bad storms we had. Well, he really didn't wreck it, but manage hit a tree with our front bumper and cause almost $3,000 worth of damage! Since he is doing the work himself and can buy a new bumper directly through our local junkyard, we will bepaying off our only credit card. Now on to our loans!! Can't wait to have everyting paid off!!


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